So, this is my History page and it’s all about me. Well, it’s good to know a bit about the person you’re dealing with, isn’t it?

Way back in 1979, I discovered Alexandrian Wicca. Well, actually my mother discovered it and introduced me to it. She decided it wasn’t for her, but I discovered it was very much for me and so began my magical journey.

All our lives we journey, and mine has been an interesting one, it has been all about the learning, growing, and experience of life and, unfortunately, death. It has seen me meeting new people and forming new relationships, but mostly it has seen me learning new things, all the time!!

By the end of 1982, I had received my 3 degrees of Wicca from my parent coven, and, with my then high priest partner, I  hived to form my own at the tender age of 23! This was what became the Coven of the Dagda’s Cauldron, which was voided in 2002, when my high priest partner (who later became my husband) and I finally split up. Two years later my current coven, Serpent coven, was formed with my now high priest and life partner and has moved from strength to strength.

In all this time, I have also focused on my own development, a keen student (for we are students all our lives) of all things magical, with a diploma in Counselling and Hypnotherapy, a Reiki Master/Teacher, and a tarot consultant and teacher, as well as being an ordained Priestess of the Fellowship of Isis.

In the early 1980s, I facilitated my first handfasting ceremony and since then it has been my privilege to officiate at many handfastings, namings, coming of age ceremonies, funerals and requiems  for people all over the world.  These Life Rite ceremonies are important to all of us and it is always an honour to be a part of them.

I started my teaching and workshop work in the mid 1990s, and now teach regular classes and workshops on a variety of things magical and spiritual, and of course on my beloved Tarot as well.

The pagan community is very important to me, and I would consider that I play a fairly active role in making it more inclusive, helping people contact and interact with one another. To this end, I am one of the organisers of the Dublin Pub Moot, which meets once a month in the Long Stone pub in Townsend Street. Here we have a lively group who come together to listen to short talks on all things magical and mystical, and great discussions. It is also a wonderful meet and greet time for people who are feeling a need to connect with like minded travellers on the road to enlightenment.

For many years,  I also co-organised an annual event, called Féile Draíochta, with Lora O’Brien, which was a day long event held every October featuring talks and workshops, market stalls and entertainment for the pagan and magical community in Ireland. However, in 2016, we held the last one, and it is to be no more.

In January 2013,  I  had the privilege of being part of the start up for a new organisation called Pagan Life Rites. This is a collective of experienced Priests and Priestesses who are offering life rite services, such namings, handfastings and funerary rites for people, amongst other services. As well as being a founder member, I am also one of their registered solemnisers with the General Register Office in the Republic of Ireland.  We have a wide membership across the island of Ireland, and internationally. We are also looking to add many other services as time goes by.

Apart from that, I live quietly with a pug and four cats and various family members, indulging my other interests of cooking, reading, gardening, sewing and pyrography.