It is important for all of us to mark the turning points of one’s life. Birth, Coming of Age, Marriage and Commitment, Moving into a New Home and  Death, as we have for millennia in one way or another. It is also important that each ceremony reflect the needs and beliefs of the person/people involved. So with that in mind each ceremony is individually crafted to suit your own personal needs. Should you wish me to facilitate a ceremony for you, please contact me, and we will sit down together and create the perfect ceremony. For more Life Rite information check out Pagan Life Rites, of which I am one of the Founder Members, a Clergy Member, and registered Solemniser with the General Register Office.

Naming Ceremony

A naming ceremony can be held at any age, but is most often held to welcome a new soul into the world. It may be a simple ceremony just involving the parents and child, or larger one, involving the wider circle of  family and friends. The choice is up to the individuals involved. The object of this ceremony is to bless the child’s entrance to the world and for their family and guardians or guideparents to uphold to protect that child through their development and honour their choices, and advise  them in their younger, formative years. The ceremony itself will be created to facilitate the beliefs of the parents, but will not seek to impose those beliefs upon the child. Instead it expresses the need to protect and teach the child and open the way for them to find their own beliefs as they mature.

Coming of Age, First Wisdom Ceremony

This ceremony is the focus of the emergence of the child from childhood to adulthood. It is the first steps of puberty, when the changes in the body are beginning and are echoed by the changes of the mind and spirit. It is a formal cutting of the cords with the parents and an acknowledgement of the young person’s ability to make decisions of their own, for their own future.

Handfasting/Commitment/Marriage Ceremony

This is probably the most commonly known ceremony now, and also, happily the one which I perform most often. It is not gender based, but based on the commitment that two people make to one another. It is one of the earliest known marriage ceremonies, during which  the couple’s hands are bound together to symbolise their declaration of marriage  and commitment to one another. The ceremony itself varies greatly, it can be as simple as two people making the commitment to each other privately , to the large, legal, formal ceremony with friends and family in attendance and everything in between. The couple will have a large choice of what elements they would like to include in their ceremony and I will facilitate whatever elements they would like included. If they have children, they too would be included in the ceremony, as part of their family.

Vow Renewal Ceremony

Very often, a couple who have been together, and have made the commitment of marriage to one another, wish to renew their vows, and perhaps be handfasted to one another as well. It is always a pleasure for me to facilitate this and see the joy and love that has grown in the couple’s years together. Again, this would be a ceremony created for the couple, and if they have children those children would also be included in the ceremony, having, if they wish, an active part in it.

Separation Ceremony

This is generally a personal ceremony. While we celebrate the joy of a couple coming together, we often neglect the cutting of the ties that occur when a couple separate from one another. This is a simple cord cutting ceremony that marks the end of a relationship and the freedom from the burdens of that relationship.

Funeral Rites and Requiem

When life ends, it is important for those who remain behind to bid their farewells to that person who has moved on. These ceremonies are always different, as they should encompass the beliefs of the person who has journeyed onward across the Rainbow Bridge, but also should respect and honour the people who have been left behind. These ceremonies may be held in the person’s home, the funeral home, as funeral directors are very accommodating, the various crematoria around the country, or the County Council cemeteries. Requiem ceremonies may be held at any time after the person has passed on in any venue one chooses, as may an ash scattering of cremated remains.

Rites for miscarried and aborted children

This is often an overlooked part of life rites, but one that is important for the grieving parents. Whether a life is lost because it was not viable in the womb, or because the mother was unable to carry that life for whatever reason, it is important to mark this passing, and honour the unborn child.

Home Blessings and Cleansings

Moving into a new home, or having had major life changes in your existing home, often means that there is an unsettling feeling, or that you just feel something needs to be done to recognise this change of state. Clearing out the old, cleansing the new space to make it your own and blessing it to make it happier environment to live in is a way to facilitate this.

Rates for Ceremonies

I generally only have one charge for whatever type of ceremony I am creating for you. This is €200, with any other expenses added on. These expenses are generally for travel and any extras, other than the things that I normally provide, such as a presentation copy of your ceremony.  At our first meeting, I will ask for a deposit of €50, and I will also ask you to go over a ceremony registration form with me. There are three reasons for the registration form. First, it outlines clearly what is needed by you and by me for the ceremony and the exact nature of the ceremony and as such, it is a contractual agreement for me to provide the ceremony you have requested. The second reason is to ensure that I am covered by Public Indemnity insurance held as a Clergy Member of Pagan Life Rites. The third reason is so that I am covered by the new GDPR that came in on the 25th May, 2018