I have been a student of Tarot since 1979, when I got my first tarot deck. I started reading the cards for clients shortly afterwards in the early 1980s, and have been reading them and learning from them ever since. I have a wide client base from all over the world.


All my readings are completely confidential and I never share any information about any of my clients.  The charge is €50 per reading, and they are by appointment only.

I also do Skype readings, so wherever you are in the world, drop me an email and we can fix up an appointment time.

I also read for corporate events, groups and private parties. For these events I charge an hourly rate, which is negotiable, but generally is around €60 to €100 depending on the demands of the event.

Classes and Workshops

Due to popular demand I started teaching Tarot classes in 2005, originally, these classes were taught over a period of 22 weeks, but this proved problematic for my students, so I have now changed the format and teach over a series of three weekend workshops, running on a Saturday and Sunday from 10.30 AM until 5.30 PM. These are very intense and are taught using the Smith Waite deck (also known as the Rider Waite deck). The Beginner’s Weekend covers the history of Tarot, the basic meaning of the cards, and some reading layouts. The Intermediate Weekend covers the symbolism of the cards and the deeper psychology behind that symbolism, with time at the end for more reading and layout practice. The Advanced Weekend looks at the magical relevance of the cards and the Tarot and the Tree of Life as well as the Journey of the Major Arcana. There will also be some evening sessions for reading practice, and revision days.

There is a strict limit of 6 people per workshop, and I generally organise them when I have enough people who have expressed an interest in them. The cost is €100 per weekend and €50 per day workshop. However if you have financial difficulties there are concessions, so if you would like to do the workshops please don’t hesitate to let me know and we can make arrangements.

I also teach Tarot further abroad around the country and internationally. Cost will vary as to the length of the workshop and travel expenses. So if you would like me to do workshops in your area, please do not hesitate to contact me.