I also run a series of other workshops, which I run from my own home, and around the country. So if you would like me to travel to your part of the country and think you can get together enough people I will gladly do so. I limit my numbers to 8 participants for any workshop, so can work out of someone’s home or a small space. All workshops cost €50 and include tea and coffee. There are concessions for anybody in financial difficulty. They may cost a bit more if I am running them in different venues around the country to cover travelling expenses.

Exploring the Elements.

The elements and elemental kingdoms are the basic building blocks upon which most of us base our magical practice. In order to understand how we relate to them and how they relate to us it is important to have a look at them up close and personal.

This full day workshop will give the participant an introduction to the elements. They will discover how the elements are balanced within themselves and taken through exercises which will allow them to work to achieve an internal elemental balance. After this they will be taken on a journey through each of  the elemental kingdoms, where they will meet their elemental guides and guardians and develop an understanding of the nature of the elements and how they fit in with the participant’s life and magical working. This is open to all levels of student of paganism/magic, but I would ask that anybody considering doing this workshop let me know if they have any difficulties with trance work and visualisation due to the large amount of journey work involved.

The Power of Ritual

Many people read books about ritual and magic, but when it comes to taking the big step of creating their own ritual, or forming a practice of ritual, they find it difficult to know where to start and fear that they will “mess it up” somehow. This full day workshop is designed to introduce the participant to Ritual working, whether solo or in group. In it we will look at the purpose of ritual, the importance of preparing for ritual, the structure of ritual,opening the ritual space, invocation and evocation, magical working within ritual structure and space, channelling and connecting with deity within ritual, grounding and finally, securely closing the ritual space

Introduction to Divination

This workshop is designed for the beginner and more experienced practitioner alike, as it will cover a wide range of different methods of divination from scrying, pendulum, I Ching, Runes, Tarot and a whole lot more. We will explore together the ways to create a proper setting, working for oneself and with a client, and inducing trance states. We will also try some of the multitude of different ways of tapping into the inner psychic self, from simple breathing and visualisation exercises to a shared pot of mugwort tea and the use of different incenses.